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Commercial Property Management

Cleaning Commercial Properties like large offices, hotels, etc.

Do you manage commercial properties that require upkeep for current tenants, or a deep cleaning to prep a property for future tenants? Palm Cleaning Systems of Las Vegas, NV are a full-service cleaning company, specializing in commercial property cleaning services.

commercial property cleaning las vegas

We routinely take care of cleaning bathroom tile, office carpet cleaning for all kinds of Las Vegas commercial properties. It can be embarrassing to have dirty tile or carpet in a professional setting, but not anymore! Palm Cleaning Systems is here to help with cleaning management companies properties!

We are a licensed and insured rental property cleaning service. We only use our employees, so no sub-contractors, and state-of-the-art bathroom tile cleaning solutions to get your tile looking like new. We know how to remove carpet stains and odors permanently!

3 Problems Property Managers Experience when Dealing with a Typical Cleaning Service Company

If any of these are familiar to you, then I’d like to help you eliminate these problems for good and make your job maintaining properties 10 times easier!

1) Can’t get fast service: We know how important it is for you to respond to your tenant’s needs quickly (old and new). When a serviceman is late, it makes you look bad. It also keeps your properties unoccupied while you wait for someone to show up to do your repairs or maintenance. As a commercial property manager, you will receive priority service from Palm Cleaning Systems. Our phones do not go unanswered and 80% of our jobs can be completed the same day if started before 3:00pm.

2) Final Bill Higher than Quoted Price: As a property manager, I am sure you’ve got budgets to meet and you know what your expenses are. Nothing can hurt a budget more than a job that comes back higher than the initial quote. All jobs should be inspected first hand in order to give a proper quote. This is why I stand by my quotes, guaranteed.

3) You don’t get what you paid for: You hire a cleaning service to clean the tile and grout in the office bathroom, when your new tenant starts using the office, the grout seems to still have stains resurfacing. With my company, you will get EXACTLY what you want and what you are paying for. We customize our cleaning process to your priorities, period. No more “we don’t do it that way” or “that’s not how we do it,” ever again.

We want to build a long-term relationship with your company. We offer free in home estimates for all your commercial property cleaning needs. Call today for a multiple property cleaning estimate. We’ll show you testimonials from satisfied clients, all our options available, a custom cleaning estimate and all the information you’ll need to make the best decision possible.

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